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Membership Qualifications
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An applicant for membership must be no less than 18 years of age. She shall prove lineal bloodline descent from an ancestor who aided in achieving American independence during the Revolutionary War period of 1775-1784. 

If you are interested in membership, please contact a chapter and arrange to attend a meeting, after which you can begin working with the DAR Application Worksheet. Each chapter has a registrar who is able to give guidance. Furthermore, some registrars may have the application program on their home computers and be able to work with you on a one-to-one basis as the necessary data and documentation is obtained, thus making the application process easier. 

Lineal proof starts with your birth certificate naming your parents and continues with proof of some sort back to your patriot ancestor. Many applicants need only to prove the lineage to where they can connect with a DAR member who has used the same line and provided good proof.

Some prospective members may find, however, that more exact proof of lineage and patriotic service is required than what was provided in the past. Today's resources and tools provide more accessible and precise genealogy, and as a result, the Genealogical Research System is regularly updated with corrections, as well as "new" patriots.  

How many possible patriot ancestors do you have in your family? Since the number of your ancestors double each generation you go back, you could have a couple hundred patriots, depending on your age and how many lines go back to the colonial period.

Remember -- to make just YOU, it took . . .

2 Parents

4 Grandparents

8 Great Grandparents

16 Great Great Grandparents

32 Great Great Great Grandparents

64 Great Great Great Great Grandparents

128 Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents

256 Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandparents

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