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Genealogical Records Collection

DAR members across the country have annually assisted the genealogical research of others by carefully copying and preserving unpublished records. In this state alone, members have contributed material to fill over 120 large Genealogical Records Collection (GRC) books.

Copies of the Washington State GRC books can be found in the DAR Library in Washington, DC, Seattle Public Library (ask for them at the counter), Spokane Public Library, University of Washington Library, Washington State Library (Olympia), DAR State Library Collection (Yakima), Seattle Genealogical Society Research Center, and the Senior Center on Sidney Ave in Port Orchard. Some locations have only a partial collection.

GRC books contain a variety of birth, death, and marriage records compiled from pioneer newspapers, family histories, records from cemeteries and mortuaries, census records, Bible records, and more.

An every-name index of the Washington State GRC books has been completed. This index is available at the DAR Library.

Some Other DAR Publications

A Century of Service, The Story of the DAR--This book describes how our organization began, how it functions, and lists some of its accomplishments. It also tells about a few of its more famous members. Four of them are: Dr. Mary Edwards Walker, a Civil War Physician and Surgeon; Rear Admiral Grace Hopper, who retired from the United States Navy in 1984 at the age of 79; Dr. Margaret Rhea Seddon, the astronaut who carried a DAR Insignia aboard the space shuttle "Discovery" on April 12-19, 1985; and Grandma Moses, the artist.

Black Courage 1775 - 1783--Documentation of Black Participation in the American Revolution, by Robert Ewell Greene, 1984.

DAR Library Catalog, 3 Volumes -- The DAR Library contains over 115,000 volumes and tens of thousands of files of genealogical material. About two-thirds of the books are local history and record abstracts and one-third are family histories and genealogies. Included are unpublished Bible records and cemetery, marriage, and other vital and genealogical records collected from all over the country by DAR members. In addition to the printed version of the catalog, there is now a searchable online catalog available at http://www.dar.org/library/onlinlib.cfm.

American Spirit Magazine -- American Spirit Magazine is the official publication of the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution, published six times a year.

Minority Military Service 1775-1783 -- Patriots from Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, South Carolina, and Vermont are identified in these booklets as being either Black or Indian.

Washington Historic Landmarks: Pillars of Patriotism -- This book on the DAR covers the period of 1890 to 1986 and contains many photographs. The contents are presented in two sections: "A Guide to the National Headquarters" and "The Story of the Daughters."

Women and the American Revolution -- This booklet contains a sampling of the women who helped make this great nation. Entries include Deborah Sampson, alias Robert Shurtleff, who was, according the government records, "the first woman to enlist as a soldier in the War for Independence"; the two women known as "Molly Pitcher"; and the daughter of Benjamin Franklin who sent her daughter back to school with this message for her teacher, "Tell her there is no rank in this country but rank mutton."
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